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Over the last 25 years we have been helping teens to navigate the ever more tricky road to adulthood. The challenges that teens face grow large and more complex every year.  We have honed our skills and techniques along the way to help them chart a course through these pitfalls.

Our programs are designed to assist teens to see for themselves any weak areas so that they are willing to strengthen them and also to see the true areas of natural skill and strengths to accelerate the strong areas while balancing it all with real life experience and fast paced adventures.

It is intensely challenging and we enjoy helping teens to get back on a path to a happier life and build self confidence so that they can handle the future traps and pitfalls that they will encounter along the way.  

About Us: About Us


In an ever changing world, teens are facing challenges and given resources that our parents never dreamed of. The skills required to help guide teens towards a successful life are changing. Our programs are designed to help both students and parents with these new and sometimes daunting challenges. 

In the new global community, students need to have more skills and a wider view of the planet and the people who live on it. Without these - the are certain to fail.

We have spent over 25 years building and expanding our programs to help teens find their strengths and strengthen the areas of their weaknesses to help them keep up with the changes and challenges that they face so that they can thrive.  

The speed that problems can start and expand is far more dangerous than in any previous generation. Contact us now and start your teen on the road to a brighter future. 

About Us: About Us
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