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Recognizing the enormity of the challenges that our society faces and the problems that this creates for teens while also understanding the individual needs of each teen, is the first step in helping your teen. Our staff at Ultimate Teen Help are dedicated to helping your teen with an entirely individual program instead of the normal cookie cutter approach that has failed so far.

Our efforts are driven by our singular focus on helping your teen. Contact us to give us the first data about your teen and then learn more about how we can help.



Helping your teen is a collaborative activity. Parents are under a great deal of stress when their teen is not doing well. A major part of our program is helping you to navigate the challenges of helping a teen in trouble. We are not only available to you but will work with you to help you while your teen recovers. This is a crucial part of helping your teen and a major reason for our success with our past families.


We individualize and customize our accredited educational programs to meet the specific need and interest of our students.
No two students have identical needs or interests, so our programs are tailored to each student. 


Each student is assisted to excel but also allowed to do this at his or her own ideal pace while reaching for new skills and understandings that can be used to continue to excel throughout their lifetime. 

The ability to study and the confidence in being able to study are a key to surviving in an ever changing world. 


Unfortunately teens are being taught that working and being a part of a team are somehow a weakness when in fact it is a cornerstone to any real success and happiness in life. We peel away the these false concepts and replace them with real and valuable ideas about how life really works while exploring and sharing adventures as a team. We all work together and the teens get to see for themselves how personal goals and abilities are not lost when you know how to work with a team.

Being a part of a team is sometimes the route to expanding your own brilliance and abilities as well as reaching your goals and living a truly happy life. 

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